JK&B is an acknowledged value-added investor and partner.

"JK&B Capital delivers the deep technology knowledge we look for in a co-investor. They bring substantial value added to our companies with strategic advice in product positioning and commercialization of the technology."

John Thornton,
General Partner, Austin Ventures

"JK&B brings a unique knowledge of technology and markets making them a sought after, value-added syndicate partner. They are great to work with, bond easily with technical founders and are a great match for the investing we do here at Hummer Winblad."

John Hummer
Co-founder and General Partner, Hummer Winblad

"JK&B Capital has the extensive understanding and the experience working with technology that we look for in a co-investor. As an investor, they bring insightful strategic advice and leadership to their companies. As co-investors, they are excellent and dependable partners."

Bob Fleming
Founding Partner, Prism Ventures

"JK&B Capital partners combine technology expertise with significant operational experience and personal relationships with key market makers. They are able to guide young companies across the hurdles that await them and add genuine business value along their trajectories."

Eric Benhamou
Ex-Chairman & CEO, 3Com
Co-investor & Board Member, Atrica

"JK&B Capital brings an uncommon combination of technical expertise and industry knowledge making them a uniquely valuable co-investor."

Mort Topfer
Ex-Vice Chairman, Dell, Inc.
Co-investor Sheer Networks

"JK&B Capital brings a unique level of technical and operational expertise to young companies and they are valued partners to have on the board as co-investors."

Deepak Kamra
General Partner, Canaan Partners